Our process is a lot like yours.

Building a website takes proper planning, careful construction and market expertise.

step 1: define

First, we discuss everything your website needs to do. Then we translate that into a sitemap. This sitemap is like your website’s floor plan – it shows what goes where. We’ll also give you a list of deliverables (logos, photos, etc.) that we’ll need to build your site.

step 2: design

Tell us how you’d like your website to look. Old-world and established? Modern and sleek? Whatever your desired image, we’ll make sure you’re delighted with the look of your website. We’ll design the home page first. Once you approve it, we’ll frame out the interior pages in the same style.

step 3: build

Now the construction phase: we’ll build out and code each page with the same care and craftsmanship you give your projects. We’ll test to make sure your design displays well on a phone, tablet and desktop. Then we load your content into the site (like moving your furniture into your home) and put everything in the right place.

step 4: deploy

We conduct a final walk-through so you can review the site and give us a punchlist of any items that need our attention. Once you give us the thumbs up, we GO LIVE.

Visibility • Credibility • Efficiency